Liberator Table of Contents

1961/031The Death of LumumbaL.P.Beveridge
1961/051The United States and Neo-ColonialismThird All-African Peoples' Conference
1961/061Freedom Riders go Beyond the New FrontierDaniel H. Watts
1961/064South African House of Hate Supported by U.S. DollarsL.P.Beveridge
1961/065Angola: Portugal's Crime, U.S." EmbarrassmentL.P.Beveridge
1961/071Life and Death Struggle in MonroeL.P.Beveridge
1961/072The Black Muslims in AmericaJohn Henrik Clarke
1961/072LCA Finances Arms for Defense of Afro-Americans in Monroe, NC
1961/073The U.N.'s Last Chance in South West AfricaL.P.Beveridge
1961/073LCA Protests British Action on South West Africa
1961/081Letter from AngolaAnon.
1961/081Six Months Later: No Investigation of Lumumba's Death
1961/082Elections in British GuianaL.P.Beveridge
1961/082Portugal's Defender: George Schuyler of the Pittsburgh Courier
1961/083An Historic First for Capt. MensanL.P.Beveridge
1961/083The USA and the Tunisia Crisis
1961/091New York's Finest Show Traditional Hospitality to Ambassador ColletDaniel H. Watts
1961/091Foul Play is Suspected in Poisoning of African Leader, Kenneth KaundaL.P.Beveridge
1961/091Robert Williams Faces Trial for His Life
1961/092Kenya Students Speak to KenyattaKenya Students" Union
1961/093French Aggression Against Tunis: Plain Talk by an African DiplomatAmb. Diallo Tele
1961/101The Secretary General and the CongoL.P.Beveridge
1961/102The News that Wasn't Fit to Print about MonroeJulian Mayfield
1961/103Which Side is Britain On?L.P.Beveridge
1961/103An Unreluctant Critic of the Reluctant AfricanVoice of Africa
1961/104U.S. Answer to Belgrade: Racist Hypocrisy and Economic PressureL.P.Beveridge
1961/111Lumumba's Murderers Exposed: UN Demonstrations Justified; Tshombe, Belgians Accused by UNU.N. Commission
1961/111Africa Discussed in a Vacuum
1961/112Ghana: How U.S., British Press Fabricate and Distort NewsL.P.Beveridge
1961/113Must Have "Inner Understanding"Ernest B. Kalibala, Jr.
1961/113One Eye Cocked on State DepartmentRichard Caillanet
1961/114Africa and the BombL.P.Beveridge
1961/114Boycott of "African Carnival" Urged
1961/121Israel, Arab Refugees and AfricaDaniel H. Watts
1961/121Israel, Arab Refugees and AfricaDaniel H. Watts
1961/121Friends of Katanga "Freedom Fighters" Scrape Bottom of the Barrel for Form Birchite Front GroupL.P.Beveridge
1961/122Recent Conspiracies Against the Government of GhanaEmbassy of Ghana
1961/122Help Needed in Northern Rhodesia: Troops Destroying Homes and FoodM. Mainza Chona
1961/123America in the Eyes of an African StudentAn African Student
1961/123Ten Years in Jail for Protesting Lynch Justice for Muslim Minister Troy X
1962/011Imperialism's Defenders are all Wet With Crocodile Tears for PortugalL.P.Beveridge
1962/011Nigeria: A Future U.S. Colony?L.P.Beveridge
1962/012The I.I.E. Report on African Students: an Exercise in Data DistortionM.S.W.
1962/013The African Carnival was a BustJ.L.
1962/013The Arab Refugee Question: a Letter in Defense of Israeli PolicyJoseph B. Robison
1962/014South African Laws are Model for Proposed Virginia LegislationL.P.Beveridge
1962/021What Touré Really Said About the Plot in GuineaL.P.Beveridge
1962/021Remember the Lesson of Lumumba's Life and DeathSugiarti Siswadi
1962/022Statement of Union of the Populations of AngolaHolden Roberto
1962/022Statement of Popular Movement for the Liberation of AngolaMario De Andrade
1962/023Note to Roy WilkinsDaniel H. Watts
1962/023Arab Student Comments on Arab RefugeesMarwin Khartabil
1962/024African Students Move toward UnityL.P.Beveridge
1962/024An African Student Warns about "Student Aid"Skeva Soko
1962/031Assassination of Félix Moumié: A Lesson in Cameroon History for President KennedyUnion of the Populations of the Cameroons
1962/031Successful Rally Against Supporters of Tshombe & Thurmond Supported by LCA
1962/032Why AMSAC Festival Was A FlopBackdrop, Nigerian Daily Express
1962/032An African View of Col. Glenn's AchievementMorning Post
1962/032Some Lessons from the Struggle on the Englewood PlantationRev. Milton A.. Galamison
1962/033The Background of the Arab Refugee QuestionAbdul-Mawgoud Hassan
1962/034Black Mother: the Years of the African Slave TradeJohn Henrik Clarke
1962/041The Long Trip Home: Failure of the African Student ProgramDaniel H. Watts
1962/042NATO Countries Aid Military Preparations of Verwoerd Government to "Shoot the Black Masses"Vusumzi L. Make
1962/044Angolan Resistance to Portuguese AtrocitiesElisio Figueiredo
1962/044Black Actors Act Against Broadway ProducersL.P.Beveridge
1962/051Cover DrawingTom Feelings
1962/053Unarmed Afro-American Beaten by Armed Police in Talladega
1962/054A Message from the President of the United Arab RepublicGamal Abdel Nasser
1962/056Can U.S. Peace Groups Afford to be Blind to NATO Aggression?L.P.Beveridge
1962/057A Word of Explanation to Mr. Thant
1962/058The First LaughLen Holt
1962/059A Statement on Unity, Pan-African Students OrganizationChimera Ikaku
1962/0510The Rising Shoot, PoetryD.V.
1962/0510Wish for success from the Organization of Arab Students in the U.S.A.Nohad A. Toulan
1962/0511Funeral, PoetryOkoth Korombo
1962/0512Best wishes from East African Students' Union in the AmericasJesse Kimani
1962/0513GreetingsW. Alphaeus Hunton
1962/0515Best wishes from Jamaican Union of African -Ancestry WorkersStan Grant
1962/0515Carnegie Concert Will Feature Music of Fela Sowande
1962/061Portrait of Louis RwangasoreAnn Walker
1962/062Further Thoughts on African Student ProgramsL.P.Beveridge
1962/063Ruanda-Urundi: The Leopard Has Not Changed His SpotsL.P.Beveridge
1962/064An Open Letter: For National UnityRichard B. Moore
1962/066An African View of the European Common MarketPres. Kwame Nkrumah
1962/068The "Sabotage" Bill of South Africa will Give "Legal" Sanction for Existing Fascist PracticesL.P.Beveridge
1962/0610The Strange Carrier of Victorio CarpioL.P.Beveridge
1962/0610Black Like MeL.P.Beveridge
1962/0613U.S.A. Journalist and His TroublesJulian Mayfield
1962/072A Salute to the Republic of GhanaL.P.Beveridge
1962/074A First Hand Report from the Accra Assembly "The World without the Bomb"Selma V. Sparks
1962/075Warning: "Friends of Katanga" Plan to Extend their Operations
1962/076A Critical Look at the Treatment of Africa in the U.S. PressWilliam Worthy
1962/078Kenya: Show the Light and the People Will FollowJ.M.Kariuki
1962/0710Encyclopedia Africana Outlines Proposed Plan of WorkDr. Alphaeus Hunton
1962/0711Nigeria Protests U.S. Export of "Un-American" African CultureNigerian Daily Telegraph
1962/082Zik Speaks Out on Anglo-Saxon Press Treatment of AfricaNnamdi I. Azikiwe
1962/085Albany Georgia - A Crucial Test for Non-ViolenceL.P.Beveridge
1962/086Assassination: A Weapon of Neo-ColonialismL.P.Beveridge
1962/086Some Blunt Words about Afro-American Stooges in AfricaVoice of Africa
1962/087Briton's Plan to Keep Southern Rhodesia by ForceZimbabwe African People's Union
1962/088South Africa Foundation: Apartheid ApologistAfrican National Congress
1962/08Freedom Fighter Speaks from a Northern JailMae Mallory
1962/091Portrait of Antoin GizengaJoan Bacchus
1962/092Gizenga Must be FreedL.P.Beveridge
1962/093Lest We Forget: the Tragic Background of the Congo StoryL.P.Beveridge
1962/095Black Unity Forces Concession in Worthy CaseJ.F.
1962/095Kennedy Fiddles While Georgia Burns
1962/096The American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa: the StoogesDaniel H. Watts
1962/0910Brutal Mandate, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1962/102The Kennedys' Failure in MississippiL.P.Beveridge
1962/103The Problem of Segregation in Northern Public SchoolsPaul Zuber
1962/10422 Days in Hell Inside a Georgia JailRev. Robert M. Kinloch and Miss Johnnie Cooper
1962/105Emergent UgandaLuide Kisosonkole
1962/106Terrorism in Ghana Brings Attack in U.S. PressL.P.Beveridge
1962/107Thought on the Emancipation CentennialL.P.Beveridge
1962/108Southern Rhodesia: the Shame of BritainL.P.Beveridge
1962/109Cultural ImperialismVoice of Africa
1962/1011Negro Revolt, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1962/11,122Afro-Asian Nations: The Lat Hope for PeaceL.P.Beveridge
1962/11,123Quaison-Sackey Brings Afro-Asian Sanity to Security Council debateAmb. Alex Quaison-Sackey
1962/11,124Robert Resha, South African Leader, Calls Non-Violence "Unrealistic and Fatal" in Apartheid LandL.P.Beveridge
1962/11,125Needed: An Afro-American Political PartyRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1962/11,125Soviet Africanist [Ivan Potekhin] Meets Dan Watts
1962/11,126Latin America and the International Chess GameCarlos E. Russell
1962/11,127Black Americans Rebuffed by U.S.MissionSelma V. Sparks
1962/11,128South African Brutality Against SobukweL.P.Beveridge
1962/11,129Portrait of Mangaliso SobukweJoan Bacchus
1962/11,1210Racism in the F.B.I.Jack Levine
1962/11,1215Wither Bound O AfricaDei-Anang
1963/012Editorial, Emancipation Proclamation CentennialL.P.Beveridge
1963/013Dubinsky's Plantation (part 1 of 2)Selma V. Sparks
1963/015Nelson Mandela: Scourge of ApartheidL.P.Beveridge
1963/017Not 100 Years of Free4domJames Baldwin
1963/018The Elections: No choice for Black AmericansRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/019A New Breed in PoliticsCarlos E. Russell
1963/019IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0110General Harriet Tubman: The Real EmancipatorL.P.Beveridge
1963/0111Portrait of Harriet TubmanTom Feelings
1963/0112View from the Top: American Leadership Conference on AfricaDaniel H. Watts
1963/0112Let's Stop, Go Right Back and Do It All Over AgainLen Holt
1963/0113IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0115IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0116SWANU Secretary [Gerson Veii] Calls for ActionWindhoek Advertiser
1963/0119A Shade of Difference, Book Review
1963/0119Djamila Boupacha, Book Review
1963/022The Brotherhood ConspiracyL.P.Beveridge
1963/023American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa: The Reluctant Afro-AmericansDaniel H. Watts
1963/024Thank You, Massa Ellender, For your Contribution to African UnityCarlos E. Russell and Ernest Kalibala
1963/026Frederick Douglass and EmancipationRichard B. Moore
1963/029Where the Winds of Change Begin to VeerConnor O'Brian
1963/0210Negroes with Guns, Book Review
1963/0211Albany, a Study in National Responsibility, Book Review
1963/0212Neo-Colonialism at Home: Narcotics in the GhettoRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/0215Lest We Forget: Lumumba's Letter to his WifePatrice Lumumba
1963/0216Dubinsky's Plantation (part 2 of 2)Selma V. Sparks
1963/0217100 Years of ProgressJoan Bacchus
1963/0219American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa: Resolutions
1963/0221Another "Meredith" Case
1963/0223And Then We Heard the ThunderL.P.Beveridge
1963/0212-14PhotographsMario Jorrin
1963/032Rock the BoatL.P.Beveridge
1963/033The Only Solution for South Africa: 3 Years After SharpevilleRevolution African - Algeria
1963/034Sonny Liston: The Man Behind the MythCarlos E. Russell
1963/036The Assassination of Silvanus OlympioCharles P. Howard, Sr.
1963/0310NegritudeCarlos E. Russell
1963/0311The Atlanta WallLen Holt
1963/0312Republic of Guinea Today
1963/0314The Afro-American Association: The California RevoltDonald Warden
1963/0316A Black Muslim Story: Never on ChristmasRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/0318Bibulds Vs. The Board of Education
1963/0319Kennedy Speaks of Freedom; 16 Jailed
1963/0320Northern Public Schools: Disgrace to the Nation
1963/0321IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0323John Brown, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1963/042Racism in the UNL.P.Beveridge
1963/043Junior Addict, PoetryLangston Hughes
1963/044The Algerian Story: A Million Lives for FreedomRichard Gibson
1963/048Flight from RealitySelma V. Sparks
1963/0410Community League of West 159th St.: Upper West Side StoryRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/0413Report from South Africa: the Hour Has ComeAfrican National Congress
1963/0415All Night Vigil for LumumbaCarlos E. Russell
1963/0415IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0416Letter to the EditorRichard B. Moore
1963/0417Nigeria Speaks to the Ford Foundation: Yankee Go HomeAfrican Pilot
1963/0418Racism in the Southern Courts: Another Man Done GoneLen Holt
1963/0419African Students in Bulgaria: Where Lies the Truth?L.P.Beveridge
1963/0421"Lynch-Burg" Lives up to its NameVirgil A. Woods
1963/0423The Ebony Cook Book, Book Review
1963/0423Umbra, Review
1963/051Photograph of Adam PowellL. Huggins
1963/052Welcome Home AdamL.P.Beveridge
1963/053CartoonHugh Harrell
1963/054Morocco: Dove or Tiger?Aaron Segal
1963/058Letter to a White FriendCharlie L. Russell
1963/059Cry Freedom, PoetryRoland Snellings
1963/059IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0512Which Road to FreedomRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/0512IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0516HARYOU, We Love YouHarlem Youth
1963/0516IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0517IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0518Colonialism, PoetryDesmond Victor
1963/0518My Africa, PoetryDesmond Victor
1963/0519Tea in the White House, Dr. King?Maurice Quami
1963/0521Hot Irons and Black NationalismEleanor Mason
1963/0523A Star to Steer By, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1963/061Cover photo, Birmingham in FlamesHill's Studio
1963/062Profiles in Courage, editorialL.P.Beveridge
1963/064CartoonC. Braithwaite
1963/064The Two Faces of AmericaL.P.Beveridge
1963/066AMSAC Divides AfricansAmb. Abdelkader Chanderli
1963/067Afro-American Institute Marches: The Cleveland StoryDonald Freeman
1963/068The Wansley Case: For Blacks OnlyLen Holt
1963/0610My Unwilling BrotherOfuatey Kodjoe
1963/0611African Leader and Racist SenatorJariretundu Kozonguizi
1963/0612Harlem: Roots of RevoltLeroy McLucas
1963/0616The BlacksClebert Ford
1963/0620Education: Too Important to be Left to TeachersC. E. Wilson
1963/0621IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0622The New World of Negro Americans, Book Review
1963/071Cover PhotoRonnie Braithwaite
1963/072Peace at What PriceL.P.Beveridge
1963/073CartoonC. Braithwaite
1963/073The Birmingham FixLen Holt
1963/074Northern Liberal: 1963Langston Hughes
1963/076This Little Light of MineBeulah Richardson
1963/076IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/078IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/079IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0710Chaos in Chicago: Democracy Northern StyleWilliam Siavelis
1963/0712Natural Hair, Yes; Hot Irons, NoRose Nelmes
1963/0714Criticism is not Anti=SemitismRichard B. Moore
1963/0716Letter to the EditorEslanda Robeson
1963/0716Letter to the EditorLorraine Hansberry
1963/0716Letter to the EditorMary Ann Bryant
1963/0717Nigger Go Home -- Where?Mildred Pitts Walker
1963/0719IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0720Kennedy's NegroesC. E. Wilson
1963/0721CartoonJoan Bacchus
1963/0722Black Man in the White HouseL.P.Beveridge
1963/082Let us March on WashingtonL.P.Beveridge
1963/083CartoonC. Braithwaite
1963/084What Smells Soapy?L.P.Beveridge
1963/085African Students Speak: for Unity at Home and AbroadChimere Ikoko
1963/087The "de facto segregation" HoaxPaul Zuber
1963/089Responsibility of Black ArtistsClebert Ford
1963/089IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0810PhotographJohn Taylor
1963/0810Equality is not EnoughRose L.H.Finkenstaedt
1963/0813Dignity of Black Business, photographsRobert L. Haggins
1963/0814Letter to the EditorEric Hannibal
1963/0814Letter to the EditorJoyce Gourfain
1963/0814Letter to the EditorMary Phillips
1963/0814Letter to the EditorVinie Burrows
1963/0815A Question of DignityCarlos E. Russell
1963/0816Won't Someone Reassure MeC.Black
1963/0817IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0819IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0821The Other Side of FreedomOtini Kambona
1963/0821The Song of Rift ValleyOtini Kambona
1963/0812, 13Dignity of Black Business, photographsLeroy McLucas
1963/087, 8PhotographR.E.Randall
1963/091Cover PhotoHerb Randall
1963/092Stop the Parade to the Big HouseL.P.Beveridge
1963/093How the U.S. Supports ApartheidAfrican National Congress
1963/096Anatomy of a Sit-InWilliam Worthy
1963/098Philadelphia Shamed; Black Militants FramedRevolutionary Action Committee
1963/098IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/099IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/099Lest We Forget, PoetryWilliam H. Peace, III
1963/0910The Truth about RastafariansSamuel E. Brown
1963/0912The Changing Face of the Lower East SideRobert Arnold
1963/0915An Alternative Policy: Political PowerWilliam Epton
1963/0917Identity, PoetryCarlos E. Russell
1963/0917IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0918Cry in the NightFrank Greenwood
1963/0920Thank God for Negro ChildrenC. E. Wilson
1963/0921IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0922The Premier, Book ReviewCarlos E. Russell
1963/0922IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/0912-14PhotographsLeroy McLucas
1963/102Dream and RealityL.P.Beveridge
1963/103Ghana Speaks Out
1963/103Ghanaian Student Beaten
1963/104A Message from Lord RussellBertrand Russell
1963/104The Pilgrimage: a Reappraisal of Aug 28C. E. Wilson
1963/108Dick Gregory Speaks His MindClebert Ford
1963/1010The New African-American WriterRoland Snellings
1963/1011Rebellion or Revolution? ( 1 of 3)Harold Cruse
1963/1012DuBois, an African ProphetGhanaian Times
1963/1014An Afro-Cultural Center in L.A.Afro-American Cultural Center Committee of L .A.
1963/1015Thru Women's EyesJeannette
1963/1017Letters to the EditorCyril Briggs
1963/1017Letters to the EditorRobert Fluellen
1963/1017Letters to the EditorViola Beeson
1963/1018An All Black PartyWilliam Worthy
1963/1022Blues PeopleCharlie L. Russell
1963/112Mrs. Richardson's RevoltL.P.Beveridge
1963/113African in UN Hails US Fight on Racial BiasDaniel H. Watts
1963/113CartoonLeo Carty
1963/114Third Party Facts and ForecastsHarold Cruse
1963/114IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/115Report from ClevelandAfro-American Institute
1963/116Centennial Log: Century of Negro Progress ExpositionClebert Ford
1963/118Rebellion of Revolution (part 2 of 3)Harold Cruse
1963/1111A Hopeful View: The A-Test BanBlanche H. Posner
1963/1112Black Muslims in CrisisCharlie L. Russell
1963/1116Letter to the EditorA. Lieberg
1963/1116Letter to the EditorLeMar Barron
1963/1116Letter to the EditorMarjorie Thau
1963/1116Letter to the EditorMilton Stroud
1963/1116IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/1118The Language Game: a Glossary for Racial StatesmenC. E. Wilson
1963/1118IllustrationLeo Carty
1963/1119A White Radical's View: Toward a national Liberation FrontJames A. Kennedy
1963/1121The Ghost in BirminghamIshmael Reed
1963/1121IllustrationTom Feelings
1963/1112-14PhotographsLeroy McLucas
1963/123King's DilemmaL.P.Beveridge
1963/124Portrait of a Sick SocietyC. E. Wilson
1963/124Lynching or AssassinationL.P. Beveridge
1963/125CartoonLeo Carty
1963/126Black and White, PoetryCarol J. Lawson
1963/127Christmas BoycottAssociation of Artists for Freedom
1963/128Man of the Year: Rev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr., Architect of a RevolutionSterling Gray
1963/1210The Crux of Black Non-ViolenceEdith Schomburg
1963/1211The Wide World of Ossie DavisCharlie L. Russell
1963/1212Apartheid's AlliesL.P.Beveridge
1963/1214Rebellion of Revolution (part 3of 4)Harold Cruse
1963/1218Letters to the EditorFrank Kofsky
1963/1218Letters to the EditorJohn L. Gosvey
1963/1218Letters to the EditorLenora Hallums
1963/1220A Mother's ResponsibilityJeannette
1963/1221The Wailing TreeEugene 3X Rivers
1963/1212-14PhotographsLeroy McLucas
1964/013The Eternal JourneyDaniel H. Watts
1964/013CartoonLeo Carty
1964/014The Myth of Negro ProgressC. E. Wilson
1964/0171963: Year of Violence, Racist Reign of Terror Background of Kenedy's DeathL.P.Beveridge
1964/0110Texas Since KennedyBuford Thompson
1964/0111IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0112Black Man in JapanMax Roach and Abbey Lincoln
1964/0113Portrait of Abbey LincolnC. Braithwaite
1964/0114Rebellion of Revolution (part 4of 4)Harold Cruse
1964/0114IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0117Review and ForecastClebert Ford
1964/0120Letters to the EditorGeorge Larrabee
1964/0120Letters to the EditorJames A. Kennedy
1964/0120Letters to the EditorMilton L.X. Scott
1964/0122When the Word is Given, Book ReviewL.P. Beveridge
1964/0122Beyond the Melting Pot, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1964/014, 7PhotographsJimmie Mannas
1964/023How to Achieve Brotherly LoveC.E.Wilson and Daniel H. Watts
1964/024Freedom Now Party: Draft National PlatformFreedom Now Party
1964/026Let the Dialogue BeginCharlie L. Russell
1964/028Urban League: Servant of Two MastersOssie Sykes
1964/029IllustrationTom feelings
1964/0210The Rebellious Spirit of Bill RussellCarlos E. Russell
1964/0212History and TruthL.P.Beveridge
1964/0214Black Nationalism and the ArtsClebet Ford
1964/0218Why Sammy Can't ReadJeannette
1964/0218IllustrationTom feelings
1964/0219News from the Front: The Price of Violence
1964/0220Urban Renewal is Negro RemovalLeroy Mc Lucas
1964/0222Reconstruction: the Battle for Democracy, Book ReviewL.P. Beveridge
1964/0222The Stone Face, Book ReviewL.P. Beveridge
1964/0210, 11Photographs of Bill RussellJimmie Mannas
1964/033The School Boycott or the Pursuit of IgnoranceDaniel H. Watts
1964/034The Roots of Black Nationalism (1of 2)Harold Cruse
1964/036The White Power Structure: How it WorksOssie Sykes
1964/039Towards Black Community PowerC. E. Wilson
1964/039IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0311IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0312Why Panama Si! Gringo No!Carlos E. Russell
1964/0314The East African MutiniesLugo Taguaba
1964/0316The Man on the Roof Top: Milton HenryGroup on Advanced Leadership
1964/0317From Peace Corp to Mississippi JailWilliam Ware
1964/0319Letters to the EditorLenora Hallums
1964/0319Letters to the EditorP.S.MacDougal
1964/0319Letters to the EditorSheila Strain
1964/0320Monroe defendants Face Lynch JusticeMonroe Defense Committee
1964/0321Dear Gideon: The march on WashingtonLen Holt
1964/0321IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/043Malcolm X: Self-Defense vs. SubmissionDaniel H. Watts
1964/043CartoonLeo Carty
1964/044Freedom Now PartyRev. Albert B. Cleage, Jr.
1964/046The Roots of Black Nationalism (2 of 2)Harold Cruse
1964/049Nuclear Arms for Racist Germany?Daniel H. Watts
1964/0410John O. Killens - "Tell it Like it Is"Charlie L. Russell
1964/0412Bacchanal in TrinidadLeo Carty
1964/0415Needed: Education for rediscoveryArthur Norman
1964/0418Exiles No MoreJames A. Tillman, Jr.
1964/0419IllustrationTom feelings
1964/0421Lynch Justice: Monroe, N.C.Monroe Defense Committee
1964/0422Racial Crisis in America, Leadership in ConflictC. E. Wilson
1964/051Cover photo of Muhammad AliRobert L. Haggins
1964/053Can the Dialogue Begin?Daniel H Watts
1964/053Please Tell Us WhitesJohn W. Richards
1964/054NYC Police Chief Declares War on black LeadersL.P.Beveridge
1964/054IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/055Reporter Magazine Accused of Ignorance and ConfusionBurundi Mission to the UN
1964/056Photo of Muhammad AliRobert L. Haggins
1964/057Letter to Muhammad AliShelby Sankore
1964/058PhotographAlvin Simons
1964/058FNP vs. SWP: Marxism and the Negro (part 1 of2)Harold Cruse
1964/0512Brother Malcolm XCarlos E. Russell
1964/0515PhotographAl Hicks
1964/0517What Ever Happened to the Negro's Friend (part 1 of2)C. E. Wilson
1964/0520The Drop-outJeannette
1964/0520IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0522The Big SeaCharlie L. Russell
1964/0522Gomillion Versus LightfootLen Holt
1964/0522IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/063Harlem Blood BrothersDaniel H. Watts
1964/064Rockefeller's Police StateRobert Arnold
1964/066Harlem Looks At The World's FairCarlos E. Russell
1964/067CartoonLeo Carty
1964/068Monk In Time: The American WayTheodore H. Pontiflet
1964/0610“Dutchman” :Leroi Jones Will Get Us All In TroubleCharlie L. Russell
1964/0612More Than A GameClayton Riley
1964/0612IllustrationR. Barclift
1964/0614What ever Happened to the Negro's Friend (Part Two)C. E. Wilson
1964/0615CartoonR. Wood
1964/0617Marxism and the Negro (Part Two)Harold Cruse
1964/0620Letters to the EditorJames Fisher
1964/0620Letters to the EditorJeannette Duval
1964/0620Letters to the EditorLeRoy McClenden, Jr.
1964/0620Letters to the EditorM.L.Smith
1964/0622Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy Of Race, Book ReviewRichard B. Moore
1964/0622Race: The History Of An Idea In America, Book ReviewRichard B. Moore
1964/0622The Races Of Mankind, Book ReviewRichard B. Moore
1964/0617-21IllustrationR. Barclift
1964/066, 13IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/073Who Speaks For The Negro?Daniel H. Watts
1964/074We Are All Blood BrothersMalcolm X.
1964/077"Blues For Mr. Charlie" JAMES BALDWIN: OFFICIAL ANGRY NEGROClebert Ford
1964/078The Economics of Black Nationalism (Part 1 Of 3)Harold Cruse
1964/0711CartoonLeo Carty
1964/0712Boxing. Black Hope, White Cop-OutClayton Riley
1964/0712IllustrationR. Barclift
1964/0714John Lewis Of SNCCClebert Ford
1964/0716Secretary General Speaks Out Against American RacistsDaniel H. Watts
1964/0717U.S. Image In GhanaT. D. Baffoe
1964/0718Nationalist Student ConferenceDonald Freeman
1964/0719The Bag's Too HeavyHerb Ottley
1964/0719IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/0720Unchain The LionRolland Snellings
1964/0721GhostsLangston Hughes
1964/0722An Education In Georgia: The Integration Of Charlayne Hunter And Hamilton Holmes, Book ReviewLen Holt
1964/0722Kennedy And The Negroes, Book Review
1964/0722Negro Folk Music, Book Review
1964/081Cover PhotoDanny Lyon
1964/083The Lawless GunDaniel H. Watts
1964/084Has Jazz Lost its Roots?Charlie L. Russell
1964/084DrumsLangston Hughes;
1964/088The Economics of Black Nationalism (Part 2 Of 3)Harold Cruse
1964/089CartoonLeo Carty
1964/0810Cement Roots Action In HarlemClayton Riley
1964/0810Harlem Mothers Organize To Save Their SonsMildred Thomas
1964/0812Modibo Keita Of MaliR.C.W. Davis
1964/0815UN Operations End In CongoDaniel H. Watts
1964/0816Black Like Me; Cool World.Clebert Ford
1964/0817Bridge And UsJeannette
1964/0818Towards A Black Community TheatreClebert Ford
1964/0820EclipseAlbert H. Haynes, Jr
1964/0822Negro Thought in AmericaC. E. Wilson
1964/0822In White AmericaL.P.Beveridge
1964/091Cover PhotoAl Hicks
1964/093Extremism and Self-DefenseDaniel H. Watts
1964/094CartoonLeo Carty
1964/094Harlem ReportOssie Sykes
1964/095Bedford-Stuyvesant ReportClebert Ford
1964/097Crisis in LeadershipC. E. Wilson
1964/098What NowClayton Riley
1964/0910Make Harlem Black – Therefore BeautifulLen Holt
1964/0914Death of a Black BourgeoisOssie Sykes
1964/0916Down Front, PoetryLeRoi Jones
1964/0918Alvin Dark Clears the AirClayton Riley
1964/0919Africa and the World’s FairCollin Gonze
1964/0920Black Woman Looks at IntegrationKattie Cumbo
1964/0920IllustrationLeo Carty
1964/0921Zulu, Film ReviewClebert Ford
1964/101Cover PhotoLeroy McLucas
1964/103Johnson or Goldwater a Choice?Daniel H. Watts
1964/104Johnson and UsC. E. Wilson
1964/105Goldwater and UsOssie Sykes
1964/105IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/106IllustrationLeo Carty
1964/107A Black View of the ElectionsLawrence P. Neal
1964/108IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/109The Backlash MythC. E. Wilson
1964/1010Security Council Refuses to Condemn IndonesiaDaniel H. Watts
1964/1012A Lesson in Democracy: Freedom Democratic PartyFrank Smith
1964/1014Problems of Selling BlackCarlos E. Russell
1964/1017Answer to Harold CruseClifton DeBerry
1964/1020What I Want for JunnieS.A.L.
1964/1020IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1022Baseball Has Done ItClayton Riley
1964/1012, 13IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/111Cover PhotoJohn Ford
1964/113If We Are to SurviveDaniel H. Watts
1964/114A Final Solution in the USA? It Could Happen Here-NowOssie Sykes
1964/117No final Solution-YetC. E. Wilson
1964/118CartoonR. Wood
1964/119My People's ChildrenKattie Cumbo
1964/119IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1110Philadelphia After the RiotsC. H. Fuller
1964/1111Toward Repudiating Western ValuesRolland Snellings
1964/1113Abdul Rahman Brings Art to His People
1964/1114The Evolution of a jazz Musician: Jimmy GarrisonCharlie L. Russell
1964/1116Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Other HarlemJohn Ford
1964/1119The Olympics: They Should Have Stayed HomeClayton Riley
1964/1120QuietusCharlie L. Russell
1964/1126IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1127Afro Asian Block Calls for End of Racist TerrorDaniel H. Watts
1964/1128Letters to the EditorBob Koenig
1964/1128IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1129Letters to the EditorA.S.Hopkins
1964/1129Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1964/1129Letters to the EditorPhyllis Grunauer
1964/1130Night Song, Book Review
1964/1121, 25IllustrationElzia Moon
1964/115, 6IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/123King vs. Hoover: The Cry Baby and the Great White FatherDaniel H. Watts
1964/124Who Won the ElectionOssie Sykes
1964/124IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/126Liberator Christmas GiftsC. E. Wilson
1964/126IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/129Lorraine Hansberry’s WorldL.P.Beveridge
1964/1210Domestics Demand DignityLouise Moore
1964/1210IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1212Minding the Cultural ShopCharlie L. Russell
1964/1212IllustrationTom Feelings
1964/1214Wyndham Porter's Art Pays
1964/1215West Coast NotesBill Robertson
1964/1217Free EnterpriseJohn Ford
1964/1218Happing Ending (part one)Douglass Turner Ward
1964/1219IllustrationElzia Moon
1964/1223If They Had Stayed HomeClayton Riley
1964/1225“The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window”Lawrence P Neal
1964/1226Guns to BatasiClayton Riley
1964/1227Danger on the RightC. E. Wilson
1964/1228Shadow and ActLawrence P Neal
1965/013Congo – The Tortured LandDaniel H. Watts
1965/015Malcolm X ReturnsPearl Black
1965/017PhotographJohn Ford
1965/017Another Year Of FreedomOssie Sykes
1965/019It Seems Safe To PredictC. E. Wilson
1965/0111Black Bourgeoisie And Gospel MusicCharles Hobson
1965/0112Black SuburbiaLouise Moore
1965/0113Revolutionary Nationalism And The Afro-American StudentMax Stanford
1965/0116Africa Speaks OutDaniel H. Watts
1965/0120Happy Ending (Conclusion)Douglass Turner Ward
1965/0125"Slow Dance On The Killing Ground”Clayton Riley
1965/0126Sam Unger Of HARYOU
1965/0127Letters to the EditorBrother Charles
1965/0127Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1965/0127Letters to the EditorLorenzo Thomas
1965/0127Letters to the EditorMarlene Bront
1965/0127Letters to the EditorRolland Howard
1965/0130"The New Abolitionists'Ossie Sykes
1965/0111, 14IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/023The Last Uncle TomDaniel H. Watts
1965/024Afro-American Youth And The Bandung WorldRolland Snellings
1965/025IllustrationG. Myles
1965/028The Schomburg Collection: Stepchild Of LearningOssie Sykes
1965/0210The Dream World Of Rev. King: A Critical AnalysisOssie Sykes
1965/0214What Papers Should We Believe?Daniel H. Watts
1965/0215Langston Hughes: Citizen Of HarlemCharlie L. Russell
1965/0216Not Our LorraineLen Holt
1965/0218O'Grady SaysJoseph White
1965/0219IllustrationElzia Moon
1965/0220Nothing But A ManClayton Riley
1965/0221Milton Martin: A Self-Taught Artist
1965/0222'The Slave' And 'The Toilet'Lawrence P. Neal
1965/0224What's So Bad About New OrleansClayton Riley
1965/0225A Lesson In Politics- Who Got The BreadTom Archer
1965/0226Letters to the EditorAndrew Murray
1965/0226Letters to the EditorMichael R. Tolbert
1965/0226Letters to the EditorPeter Panther, II
1965/0226Letters to the EditorRandy Abbott
1965/0226Letters to the EditorRoy and Terry DeCarava
1965/0226Letters to the EditorWalter Powers
1965/0227The 1964 CropC. E. Wilson
1965/0227, 29IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/031Cover PhotoRoy DeCarava
1965/033Malcolm X the Unfulfilled PromiseL.P.Beveridge
1965/034IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/036Dogs And CatsLen Holt and Bill Mahoney
1965/037IllustrationG. Myles
1965/038The Passing Of Churchill And EmpireRichard B. Moore
1965/0311IllustrationLeo Carty
1965/0311The Dream World Of Rev. King (Conclusion)Ossie Sykes
1965/0312IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0315IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0316A Story In Three PicturesRoy DeCarava
1965/0318Prophet Drew Ali Has SpokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0319The Bug FeederLen Holt
1965/0319IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0320IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0324Cheyenne AutumnOssie Sykes
1965/0326Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1965/0326Letters to the EditorJames Boggs
1965/0326Letters to the EditorJessie Wallace
1965/0328The Welfare TrapLawrence P. Neal
1965/0329MuntuLawrence P Neal
1965/0330NiggerCharlie L. Russell
1965/043The SelloutDaniel H. Watts
1965/044The Week That Malcolm X DiedOssie Sykes
1965/047Our Own Black Shining Prince, Eulogy To Malcolm XOssie Sykes
1965/048Put A Torch To The Robes Of MourningCarlos E. Russell
1965/049Why Malcolm X DiedRevolutionary Action Movement
1965/0412Why Don't The Public Schools Teach Our Children? Part 11C. E. Wilson
1965/0416Watts, Los AngelesFitzgerald Whitney
1965/0418Any Other ReasonAlfred Gray, Jr.
1965/0421The Black ArtsClayton Riley
1965/0422Selma, Alabama: Black People In CrisisLawrence P. Neal
1965/0424The Prophet Drew Ali Has SpokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0425Mother Howard And The Liberty ThreeVirginia L. Hughes
1965/0426Bedwick Thomas And The Black Art MovementL.P.Beveridge
1965/0427Political Assassination in AfricaDaniel H. Watts
1965/0430The Man Was A BoyCarlos E. Russell
1965/0412, 15PhotographsRoy DeCarava
1965/0418, 19IllustrationElzia Moon
1965/053White Man’s BurdenDaniel H. Watts
1965/054Twilight of the GodBuford Thompson
1965/057Malcolm X: A Tragedy of LeadershipC.E.Wilson & Ossie Sykes
1965/0511The Quotable Mr. XC. E. Wilson
1965/0514SNCC in DangerOssie Sykes
1965/0516Women of AfricaUnited Nations Photos
1965/0518Women at the U.N.United Nations Photos
1965/0519Living Poetry by Black Arts GroupClayton Riley
1965/0520TerroristCalvin C. Hernton
1965/0520Poem for Half-White College Students, PoetryLeRoi Jones
1965/0520IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0521Assimilation, PoetryEliot Black
1965/0521Here I Stand, PoetryFrederick Douglass Richardson
1965/0521Embarkation for Cytheria, PoetryLorenzo Thomas
1965/0524The Prophet Drew Ali Has SpokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0526Amen Corner, Theater ReviewClayton Riley
1965/0528Goldfinger, Film ReviewLawrence P Neal
1965/0529With Grief Acquainted, Book ReviewCharlie L. Russell
1965/0529The Summer that Didn’t End, Book ReviewL.P.Beveridge
1965/0530Wretched of the Earth, Book ReviewC. E. Wilson
1965/0522, 23IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/063Long Hot SummerDaniel H Watts
1965/064Welcome Home Paul RobesonL.P. Beveridge
1965/066Playing the Game - For the State Dept. In AfricaOssie Sykes
1965/068Black People and the New Left or HERE WE GO AGAINC. E. Wilson
1965/0611The Legacy of Malcolm XA. B. Spellman
1965/0614Return of the Big StickCarlos E. Russell
1965/0616Republic of Tanzania To Day
1965/0618Howard University. Neither Red nor Black, Just ServileBill Mahoney
1965/0619Uniting of AsiaJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0620Luck of the MestizoEdward S. Jones
1965/0620IllustrationElzia Moon
1965/0623Black Politicians and the White Power StructureRichard Price and Bob Stewart
1965/0625The PawnbrokerClayton Riley
1965/0626Cultural FrontLawrence P Neal
1965/0628Ghetto GamesClayton Riley
1965/0629Letters to the EditorCharles O and Ruth F. Ross
1965/0629Letters to the EditorClaudas Watson El
1965/0629Letters to the EditorHarold D. Weaver, Jr.
1965/0629Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1965/0629Letters to the EditorMarilyn Dyling
1965/0630Tiger in the HoneysuckleRita Holt
1965/0630Sex and RaceWelton Smith
1965/073Corrupt, Sadistic and IgnorantDaniel H Watts
1965/074The Revolutionary TheatreLeRoi Jones
1965/076A Reply to Bayard RustinLawrence P Neal
1965/078Automation and the NegroC. E. Wilson
1965/0712Ornette Coleman Sounds OffCharlie L. Russell
1965/0716LIBERATOR Fifth Anniversary
1965/0720China!Clayton Riley
1965/0721The New LeftOssie Sykes
1965/0724The Prophet Drew Ali Has spokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0725Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1965/0725Letters to the EditorLen Ragozin
1965/0726Now That Henry is GoneClayton Riley
1965/0727IllustrationElzia Moon
1965/0729Letter to Black MenKatty Gibson
1965/079, 11IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/081Cover PhotoBill Mackay
1965/083Genocide or Murder?Daniel H Watts
1965/084The Role of the Black Woman in a White Society
1965/086Is a Dialogue Desirable Between Black and White?
1965/088Is Pro-Black Necessarily Anti-White?
1965/089Must the Black Writer Lead?
1965/0811Automation and the NegroC. E. Wilson
1965/0816Park Avenue UptownJimmie Mannas
1965/0818War on the PoorB. Van Cortland
1965/0818PhotographJimmie Mannas
1965/0826The Prophet Drew Ali Has SpokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/0827Murder at the GateMarc Brasz
1965/0828Letters to the EditorAlbert L. Sargis
1965/0829Letters to the EditorCurtis Hezehkiah Jackson
1965/0829Letters to the EditorG.A.C.
1965/0829Letters to the EditorJohn D. Copping
1965/0830Letters to the EditorFrank Paul Mintz
1965/0811, 13IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/093Watts, L.A. – The Nation’s ShameDaniel H. Watts
1965/094Watts, L. A.: A First Hand Report: Rebellion Without IdeologyRichard Price and Bob Stewart
1965/097Watts. Politics of PovertyRichard Price and Bob Stewart
1965/0910Self Defense, A Right and a NecessityOssie Sykes
1965/0913To the Dead of Watts, Heroes AllCarlos E. Russell
1965/0914Black Revolution in MusicLawrence P Neal
1965/0916Harlem HousesDaniel R. Watts
1965/0918What's Wrong with Negro Colleges? Part IC. E. Wilson
1965/0922The NegrophileCarlos E. Russell
1965/0923IllustrationElzia Moon
1965/0926The Death of Nat NakasaPeter Franklin
1965/0927No Tears for Mrs. LiuzzoEddie Ellis
1965/0927IllustrationTom Feelings
1965/0930The War of the FleaCarlos E. Russell
1965/0930Manchild in the Promised LandRita Holt
1965/103Eve of DestructionDaniel H. Watts
1965/104Is EBONY a Negro Magazine?Eddie Ellis
1965/106Keep on Pushin': Rhythm and Blues as a WeaponRolland Snellings
1965/109The Black Revolution in Art: Conversation with Joe OverstreetLawrence P Neal
1965/1012The World of Valerie Maynard
1965/1014"The Exception to the Rule" and "The Prodigal Son"Clayton Riley
1965/1015Haiti: Prophetic IslandFred DeVan
1965/1018Letters to the EditorRobert Taber
1965/1019Letters to the EditorCarlos Russell
1965/1019Letters to the EditorDr. Herbert N. Smith
1965/1019Letters to the EditorJack Brady
1965/1019Letters to the EditorMarilyn Dyling
1965/1019Letters to the EditorWilliam Lee Akers
1965/1020If I Were Icarus Come Down CrashingIshmael Reed
1965/1021Cracks in the ConcreteConnie Willis
1965/1021For Our WomenLawrence P Neal
1965/1022What's Wrong with Negro Colleges, Part IIC. E. Wilson
1965/1028The Prophet Drew Ali Has SpokenJoseph Jeffries-El
1965/1029Black Boy Digs Black BoyCharlie L. Russell
1965/1014-16Photographs of HaitiFred DeVan